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In our latest blind tasting episode, host and Master Sommelier Christopher Tanghe speaks with Braithe Tidwell and Sam Bortugno of Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. They talk about their experiences with blind tasting and how they employ blind tasting skills in their current roles.

Braithe Tidwell is the corporate beverage director for the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group in New Orleans. Braithe was the first full-time sommelier at Brennan's Restaurant after its 2015 reopening under new ownership, then became the wine director before transitioning to her current role with the broader restaurant group.

Sam Bortugno is the wine director for Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans. He is an Advanced Sommelier through the CMS-A and is currently working his way through the Master Sommelier examination process. Sam has spent 18 years in the restaurant industry, transitioning into wine and spirits after initially training as a chef.

After their tasting conversations, Braithe and Sam taste the same white wine together. Listen closely and guess along with them! We reveal the wine at the end of the episode.

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In our latest podcast, host and Master Sommelier Christopher Tanghe speaks with the wine writer and educator Karen MacNeil about the state of wine education today. They cover trends, strategies, innovative approaches, the future of wine education, certifications, and much more.

Karen MacNeil is a wine writer and educator who is best known for her award-winning book, The Wine Bible, now in its third edition. Karen is an instructor at Stanford University's Continuing Studies program and the creator of the Culinary Institute of America's Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies. She leads events and tastings for companies and individual groups around the world. Karen's digital newsletter, Wine Speed, offers fast, authoritative information on wine.

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